Second most stupid IP lawyer?

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Perhaps not so intermittent… outlaw reports on a UK ex-IP lawyer nailed for a domain name grab. The domain name grab itself is an Internet variant of an old old game played by chancers since, well, not sure how long but it’s a long time. It goes like this: grab a company name ransom it off to the sucker. The trick is to pitch the sale price at below the nuisance price of litigation.

It’s not known if Mr Davies pitched the price too high or if Citigroup had a hissy fit and refused to play. Making a premptive strike against Citigroup may have been a tactically sound move: the cost of a complaint to Nominet is very small and sets the hassle price too low to be worthwhile. On the other hand it was a poor strategic move as the law and the facts simply didn’t support his game.

Given these facts it was blindingly obvious no court would countenance his retention of the name: on the balance of probabilities the timing would not be a coincidence and the misrepresentation is strong. Geeklawyer could forgive a punter not knowing about or assessing the impact of passing off law or the ‘One in Million’ case, but an IP lawyer !? oy

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